40.000 m² covered , 275.000 m² area, 30.000 tractors per annum Models Modeller Watch The Trailer 100% Turkish design Your helper in the orchard with its dimensions and technology Review Technology, power and comfort;

Technology of 100% Turkish design
Abundance Review
100% Turkish design Indispensable both in the field and in the orchard Review Traditional Fuel Economy Cultivating the soil 100% Turkish design increasing fertility Review From tradition 100% Turkish design to the future Review Slide 100% Turkish design Careful work in Compact design, powerful solution;
every detail Review

Red Power 2075 BK-BT 2090-2110 S Red Power 2080BB 2047-2060-Bahçe 2047-2055-L-Kompakt 2060BK-2060BT 2047-2055-L-Kompakt

Basak Tractor 2020

Başak Tractor 108 Years Old

100% Turkish design, 2x4 and 4x4 traction models, technology, power and comfort...

  • 1914 – We were established under the name of “DA-TA Iron Car – Wooden Car Factory”.
  • 1968 – Production started in Adapazarı as 65 percent domestic production.
  • 1976 – STEYR Production started.
  • 1996 – Production started with BAŞAK Brand.
  • 2012 – Joined SANKO GROUP

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